Isn’t it time to start following your dreams!??

Stop making excuses and come on down to Governor's Comedy College @ Mcguire's in Bohemia ! You just might have the time of your life as you perform stand-up comedy live on our Legendary stages!!!
The Class will run on the same night weekly 8 weeks from 6:00 - 8:00 (If the class is larger, We may extend the class time to be sure everyone gets enough personalized attention. We just want everyone to have a great experience as they master the basics of Stand Up Comedy!
We take you through the whole process... from thinking of ideas to turn into material... through the process of formatting and editing for your performance. And right through the show night, right here on our legendary stage!
There will be the option for multiple shows ... Because we want to make you a part of our Governors family! Your graduation show plus the option to participate in our "Stars of Tomorrow" New Talent Shows!! This will offer you more stage time PLUS it will offer greater opportunity for your friends and family to see you perform as you hone your craft!
A link for a video of your graduation show performance is emailed to you after the conclusion of the session. The cost of the video is included in the cost of the class!
In the past, the class has included people from all walks of life, young and old ... some serious about a comedy career, others who just wanted to hone their public speaking skills, check off something on their bucket list, or just have fun. No matter what you're looking for ... Comedy College is fun and informative!
So Let's Make it happen!

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